Dr. Cecil Cockerham’s education includes a Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Divinity, Certified Anger Management Therapist, a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Peacemaker Training I, II, and III – A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, a Divine Healing Technician, trained by the John G. Lake Divine Healing Institute, and holds a Mediation and Advanced Dispute Resolution Certificate. He has been involved in Higher Education since the mid 1980’s. He earned his Doctorate Degree by developing College-Level Curriculum in biblically based counseling.

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Dr Cecil Cockerham
Author Robin Smit, It is Finished, I am healed,
Robin Smit

Best selling author, Robin Smit ,is passionate about the FINISHED works Jesus finished for us, and AS us. And she loves empowering all people to live this FINISHED life! She has MA degrees in both Biblical Studies and Theology. She is the author of two best selling Christian books, IT IS FINISHED and AWAKENED, and has just released her third book I AM HEALED. 

Dickie Smith’s education and certificates includes a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Petroleum-Refining Engineering, Bachelor of Ministry Theology and a Certificate of License in the Gospel Ministry. Dickie has worked as an Oil and Gas Engineer for approximately 20 years, he has also taught several years at the local community college in Ft. Morgan, Colorado focusing on building trades with at-risk youth. Dickie started ministering the Grace message through Facebook about a year before receiving his license to Minister from the Grace Fellowship Network in 2016. He is currently focused on the Spreading of the Good News or the Gospel of Grace any chance he gets.

Dickie Smith

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