We provide the training to enable you to offer different streams of counseling to meet the needs of the client. This can mean counseling from a biblical perspective or training from an Eclectic approach involving Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Quantum Concepts, and True Spirituality.

In the Eclectic Practitioner Certification course, you will learn about the flexibility of having in your repertoire the necessary skill set to meet the needs of your client! This course has video lessons with quizzes after each module. The book “Counselor Skills Training” by Dr. Cecil Cockerham is required reading. It will provide the basic tips and techniques required for success as a coach, counselor, and mentor. When you finish, a Certificate of Completion is provided that can be displayed to provide verification of your training.

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Counselor Certification, Full Remption Practitioner, Robin Smit

In the Full Redemption Practitioner course, you will learn about the FINISHED work of the redemption of our entire being (spirit, soul, and body). This course has 12 modules and over 20 hours of video teaching. There will be quizzes after each module and three books as required reading with essays due for each. 

This course was created and instructed by Robin Smit.  Robin is a best-selling author of three best-selling books, It Is Finished, I Am Healed, and Awakened. Robin has MA degrees in both Biblical Studies and Theology.

Join us today to learn the skills to help others – on your own time, at your own pace!

Only $200 for each course – One-time payment or 4 easy payments of $50