Counselor Training is the emphasis of this website. So, what does that really mean? We provide different streams of counseling in order to meet the needs of the client. This can mean counseling from a biblical perspective or training from an Eclectic approach that involves such things as Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Quantum Concepts and True Spirituality. The “objective” is to meet the needs of the client.


Dr. Cecil Cockerham is co-founder/vice president of Global Grace Seminary, founder/president of the Christian Institute for Counselor Certification, Inc., founder/president of the American Seminary. His education includes a Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Divinity, Certified Anger Management Therapist, a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Peacemaker Training I, II, and III – A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, a Divine Healing Technician, trained by the John G. Lake Divine Healing Institute, and holds a Mediation and Advanced Dispute Resolution Certificate. He has been involved in Higher Education since the mid 1980’s. He earned his Doctorate Degree by developing College-Level Curriculum in biblically based counseling.

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